AutoCAD® based PhoToPlan removes the perspective distortion resulting from camera position and orientation. The resultant geometrically accurate image can be used for the measurement of areas and distances and for the creation of AutoCAD drawings.

From outline planning surveys to fully detailed measured building surveys, PhoToPlan can reduce your time on site.

Surveys can be carried out single- handedly, using a digital camera and any measuring device . Results are delivered far quicker than with conventional measured survey methods.
Working within AutoCAD, PhoToPlan leverages your existing knowledge and you can be productive within an hour or two.

PhoToPlan is available in 2 versions: Basic and Full. Basic allows the rectification of images within AutoCAD using just a few reference measurements.


Most site visits nowadays include collecting photography. PhoToPlan allows these images to be used not only for reference but also for measurement.
Create outline elevations with just a few measurements or combine PhoToPlan with your Total Station elevational software for fine detail to reduce the number of “shots” required on site.
PhoToPlan can not only rectify photographs; maps and plans may also be tackled enabling distortions from scanning and copying to be removed.
After use the rectified images can form part of the deliverable, increasing the value to the client whilst reducing your costs.
Build complete street scenes with image montages and export 3D virtual reality models with images positioned in 3D space.

  • Load image
  • Clip image
  • Create rectification plane
  • Attach rectification grid
  • Rectification by geometry
  • Reference height dimension
  • Height dimension
  • Area dimension
  • Define control points **
  • Import control points **
  • Fit rectification plane **
  • Rectification by control points **
  • Automatic Brightness Correction**
  • Advanced Image Clip **
  • Correction of Lens distortion **
  • Montage of images **
** Full Version only.

Download a trial.

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