TheoOffice, part of the TheoLt Suite is a powerful GSI to DWG translator, importing GSI or CSV survey data to produce CAD drawings.
Equipped with a full 3D least squares adjustment engine, TheoOffice enables the import, review and editing of raw survey data. Calculation and adjustment of 3D networks is easy and quick with full reporting. Comparisions between the adjusted and unadjusted points may be made. The adjustments are applied to the point data and strings before exporting to CAD for the final drawing.

TheoOffice ensures the protection of unadjusted data through the non-destructive editor. The user may correct station/target heights or coding with the syntax coloured display reflecting all changes immediately. By using “sidecar” files to store the edits, the editor allows any changes to be located and undone at any time.


TheoOffice will build up and save a user code list as you work making repeat tasks straight-forward. Codes can be used for line or point data and a preview of the plot is available for checking at any time.

Data can be imported from a wide variety of formats ranging from simple ASSCI to GSI, the data fields are fully customisable and stored in project folders allowing multiple code lists and data formats to be used if desired.

  • Full integration with TheoLt, BricsCAD and AutoCAD
  • Codelist editor
  • Colour coded display in graphic and text views
  • Non-destructive Editor
  • 3D Least Squares reduction and adjustment (including resections)
  • Calculate intersections
  • Graphic review and reporting
  • Export to BricsCAD or AutoCAD
  • Includes the TheoContour processing engine for plotting of (3D) contours and surfaces.
  • GSI (with non-destructive editor)
  • Delimited Text, CSV
  • Next map Height data (DTM)
  • PLY models (coming soon)

Download a trial.

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