What we do

Latimer CAD provides tool-sets for survey drawing production in CAD, the focus of our work is to get survey in CAD done as effectively possible based on the key concept of ‘direct to CAD’

The software suite has developed through working with surveyors, draughtsmen and engineers. It provides a unique combination of answers to the problem of integrating survey practice into CAD.

Wether you are working with a steel tape, a laser, a total station, laser scanner or a camera, Latimer CAD offers you the opportunity to develop your workflow.

Latimer CAD Core principles
  • Listen: Only by listening to everyone in the measuring and drawing cycle can we develop the best solutions.
  • Partnership: Listening to your needs leads to true partnership. We do not compete with our clients, we help them.
  • Believe: That a task should not take two steps (sketch and re-draw) if it can be completed in one (direct to CAD).
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