TheoLt Building Survey


TheoLt Building Survey, part of the TheoLt Suite is software designed to help you survey buildings; FAST. One software solution for Plans, Elevations and Sections.
Built around a reliable CAD platform, TheoLt allows you to take the measurements ONCE in the field and transfer them via Bluetooth direct to your final drawing. Outline plans are produced from the minimum of measurements. No need for repeated site visits.
TheoLt’s real-time measurement solution produces complete and accurate 2D and 3D drawings. See and correct errors as they occur with no need for lengthy amendments back in the office.
Building Surveys are no longer “just” measured drawings. In many cases further information is requested by the client; Surface finishes, overall conditions, power sockets, desks. TheoLt allows you to capture all of the data you require with easy to use configuration of templates and features.
TheoLt Features record graphical and textural information, all spatially referenced (if required) within formatted files for export to other systems.
Link TheoLt with Adobe Acrobat or Windows Journal for User Defined forms. Handwritten notes or “check box” forms may all be stored electronically , referenced to the drawing with a simple point and click.
Utilise a mobile phone to record voice notes or capture photographs and videos to hi-light features in the building.


Working from the whole to the part (referencing previously surveyed external plans) or from the part to the whole (building the plan room by room), TheoLt allows total flexibility. Each building may be approached using the best possible method.
Create Disconnected, Semi-connected or Fully-connected plans. Automatically managing the CAD layering structure, TheoLt allows multiple floorplans within the same drawing file ensuring that details match from floor to floor in a multi- storey building.
With a least-squares traversing option, large and complex buildings may be captured with confidence. Full QA reporting allows this confidence to be passed on to the client with ease.
Need to measure complex rooms with the Disto? No problem, the TheoLt least-squares engine takes all the wall and check measurements into account (with weightings) and creates the best- fit plan.


Elevations may be measured in isolation or as part of a complex building survey (disconnected or fully-connected).
The starting point may be an arbitrary setup aligned to a wall, an existing traverse or indeed full OS referenced co-ordinates from a GPS system.
Measure in full 3D (angle and distance) or angle only (planar intersection) modes. Planes may be stored and recalled as required.
Use the TheoLt Feature Library to insert common elevational features. Link with PhoToPlan for insertion of photo-rectification control points; TheoLt records the major dimensional information; the photography the fine details.
When working on a complex project, store the elevational and plan data in a single drawing file allowing “wall cuts” to be transferred in either direction between the plans and elevations.


Download a trial.

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