Theo Contour


TheoContour, available as part of the TheoLt Suite or as a stand-alone program works within CAD, provides a cost effective contouring and surface generation solution.
Built within a reliable CAD platform, TheoContour uses simple POINT entities to generate either contours or surfaces. No special initial preparation is required, just select the points, set the contour step and go.
The resultant contours are placed correctly in 3D space allowing full visualisation. They may be generated as Lines or 2D polylines allowing easy editing and tidying.
Creating 3D surfaces with the surfaces coloured according to height or gradient provides fast visualisation and feedback on the terrain.
Combining the TheoContour module with TheoLt allows for real-time generation of contours on-site, providing instant feedback of details missed and areas covered.


TheoContour utilizes a very efficient surfacing and contouring engine which enables the results to be created quickly with the minimum of set-up time.
One simple dialog controls the few parameters required, enabling the user to tweak the settings quickly to get the desired results.
Once contoured, text heights may be added to the index lines using the simple annotate tool.
The profile tools allow sections and slopes to be plotted with axes scaled independantly as required to exagerate features.
By working in the current UCS (User coordinate system), TheoContour is not only limited to working on terrain it has also be successfully used for analysing other surfaces such as stones and building faces.

  • Read nodes from file
  • Collate points (surface)
  • Contour
  • Annotate heights.
  • Display Surface
  • Regular surface by height
  • Regular surface by gradient
  • Stepped profiles
  • 2 Point Profile (section line)
  • Profile along a path (section line)
  • Add point (kinematic contouring)

Output Types:

  • Lines
  • 2D Polylines
  • Splined 2D Polylines
  • Node file (write node file)

Download a trial.

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