Whats New in TheoLt 8.22

Updates for Core:

  • Support for GstarCAD in Core Module
  • Expanded feature design including “step and repeat”
  • Front, Back, Left or Right side alignment for default orientations (elevations).
  • Settings File backups.
  • Updated Manuals

Updates for Building Survey:

  • Expansion of the BricsCAD tool set.
  • Support for “step and repeat” inserts in features.
  • Selection of just Text, Icon or both in Feature Folders (Plan Builder)
  • Flip inserted features in 4 directions (aleviating the need to always choose the same point for insert).
  • Updated Manuals

Are you aware of the “Pro” version? This includes;

  • Full Least Squares network adjustment (traverse)
  • Instrument motor control
  • Contouring

Request a trial now.

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