PointSense Plant


Based upon PointCloud Pro and utilising the PCG Pointcloud data engine of AutoCAD, PointSense plant uses advanced pattern matching techniques to suggest components from the comprehensive catalog of fittings. This semi-automatic approach keeps the user in control of the modelling process to ensure accuracy the first time through a run.

The software includes standard catalogs for piping jobs in multiple industries (Plant, MEP, Food Processing, etc.). In cases where a fitting doesn’t exist, custom patterns may be added simply with the software learning to read these pattern within a run. This is excellent for custom built fittings.

After routing a pipe run the user is left with native AutoCAD solids and/or the option to export an intelligent centreline. A native AutoCAD 3D polyline is derived with correct starting and endpoints for each pipe, elbow and fitting along a run. These items are also tagged with text for reference. The user can now use this routing line in combination with their intelligent piping packages.


PointCloud and AutoCAD manage the number of points displayed on the screen to ensure optiimum display and making it easier for the operator to work with the cloud.

The number of displayed points is reduced during pan and orbit commands to ensure a swift transition between views.

PointCloud includes a “section manager” enabling the operator to divide the cloud into manageable portions for processing or visualisation. Single or multiple slices may be created with ease. Complex polygons may also be defined.

With oriented images loaded, the operator may use high resolution imagery to locate and trace details whilst PointCloud provides the full 3D location from the cloud data.

  • Auto recognise pipes, elbows, flanges, valves, reducers, tees and more
  • Locate accurate tie in points for all objects
  • Use provided piping catalogs or create your own fittings for pattern recognition
  • Export intelligent centrelines for use with piping design packages
  • Accurate fitting insertion points and tagged elements along the centreline
  • Best fit all objects to the point cloud data
  • Export standard AutoCAD solids
  • Adjust pipe diameter for insulated runs
  • AutoCAD from start to finish: Avoid expensive 3rd party modelling software and work within your familiar AutoCAD environment
  • Tagging assets for inventory/ asset management
  • Clash detection between cloud data and solids
  • Auto-link multiple pipe runs into one larger run
  • Access to classic kubit PointCloud Pro tools


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