PhoToPlan Pro (3D)


AutoCAD® based PhoToPlan 3D calculates camera position, orientation and distortion. Combining 2 or more orientated images allows 3D AutoCAD drawings and models to be created from images only.
Documented image properties, orientation, projection and intersection data is available at all times during the process allowing critical checks on precision and ‘heads-up’ quality control.
From outline planning surveys to fully detailed measured building surveys, PhoToPlan 3D can reduce your time on site.
Working within AutoCAD, PhoToPlan leverages your existing knowledge and you can be productive within an hour or two.
Most site visits nowadays include collecting photography. PhoToPlan 3D allows these images to be used not only for reference but also for drawing and modelling.
PhoToPlan 3D delivers a new and effective way of working with images inside AutoCAD. It exploits the geometric properties of oriented images to allow precise 3D digitising. The rapid and simple point and pick orientation method is perfect for wire-frame capture and solid model development.
Camera calibration is achieved by image analysis; its simple, quick and fully documented.
Simplicity of PhoToPlan, value of 3D, precision of photogrammetry.
  • Image Orientation
  • Viewport configuration
  • Image / Camera Navigation
  • Save / Load Camera parameters
  • Define Plane
  • Surface / Plane Intersection
  • Dual Image Draw – 3D Lines, Polylines, Arcs and Circles

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